Manicure & Pedicure

(All manicures & pedicures include nails trimming, shaping & cuticle grooming)
"In keeping with our commitment to cleanliness, safety and hygiene, we sterilize and sanitize our equipment for all services and treatments. Your health and safety are our utmost priorities. All pedicure liners are disposable to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus, and infectious diseases. Each client will be provided with their own pumice kit including files, buffer, and pumice bar. Rest assure you'll be in safe hands at our salon.”


Mani (appx 20min)
Paraffin, lotion, hot towel, express hand massage.
Quick Pedi
Trim cuticle, callus remove, polish.
Pedi (appx 30min)
Disposable liner, sugar scrub, callus removal, lotion, hot towel, 5 min massage.


Mani (appx 25 min)
Scrub, paraffin, tropical lotion, hot towel, 5 min hand massage.
Pedi (appx 45 min)
Disposable liner, sugar scrub, callus removal, masque, paraffin, tropical lotion, hot towel, 10 min massage.
Choice of scent: milk & honey, pomegranate, mango, lavender, grapefruit, green tea.


Mani (appx 35min)
Scrub, paraffin, masque, 10min hand massage, 5 min shoulder massage, neck wrap, tropical lotion, hot towel.
Pedi (appx 60min)
Disposable liner, sugar scrub, callus removal, masque, paraffin, 15min massage, 5min shoulder massage with essential oil, neck wrap, lotion, hot towel.
Choice of scent: hot chocolate, peppermint, champagne & rose, pumpkin peel.

Add Jelly or Hot Stone

Modern Chic

Mani (appx 45 min)
Scrub, paraffin, masque, neck wrap, tropical lotion, hot towel, 15 min hot stone massage, 10 min shoulder massage with essential oil.
Pedi (appx 90 min)
Disposable liner, sugar scrub, callus removal, masque, paraffin, jelly, neck wrap, lotion, hot towel, 20 min hot stone massage, 10 min shoulder massage with essential oil.
Choice of scent: hot chocolate, peppermint, champagne & rose.

CBD Mint Pedicure

CBD Mint Pedicure
Disposable liner, sugar scrub, callus removal, lotion, hot towel, 15 min massage with CBD oil, with 4 drop to mouth.
Greatful Premium Hemp Extract – CBD Mint:
Pain Relief
Arthritis reduction
Alleviate cancer-related symptoms
Help with multiple sclerosis
Combats anxiety, stress, depression
Reduces inflammation
Promotes heart health
Helps Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Protects the newvouse system
Reduces risk of diabetes
Lower cardiovascular risk
Antipsychotic effects
Antipsychotic effects
Anti-tumor effects
Skin protectant
Reduces acne
Treats dermatitis

Brisa Detox Pedicure

Brisa Detox Pedicure
Let’s Detoxify and Renergize your body and spirit with a Brisa Detox Pedicure.
Start with Soaking your feet in a warm blend of Herbal Detox Tea. This unique mixture of Senna leaf, buckthorn, green tea and bitter orange, will support the detox process.
Followed by cuticle trimming, toe nails shaping and heel smoothing. Then a gentle massage using Enummi body Scurb to remove dead and dry winter skin.
Continue the Detoxifying process with a mixture of 4Life herbal tea and Mud Mask containing kaolin ultra-fine natural mineral clay, Spirulina maxima extract, more than 50 nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s high in antioxidants to extract impurities through pores while your legs are wrapped in hot towels leaving your skin conditioned and toned.
Enjoy a nice legs massage with Brisa Essential oil that brings strong aromatic notes of eucalyptus and fresh herbs as an uplifting tonic for the body.
Finish with a smoothing Foot Treatment and polish of your choice. What a great a way to detox and elevate your sense and spirit getting you ready for spring and summer.
Ask our staff about our take home products.

Mani and Pedi Packages

(Can not combine with any other offers)
Packages #1 Dip Powder & Classic Pedicure
Packages #2 Dip Powder & Spa Pedicure
Packages #3 Dip Powder & Signature Pedicure
Packages #4 Gel Manicure & Classic Pedicure
Packages #5 Gel Manicure & Spa Pedicure
Packages #6 Gel Manicure & Signature Pedicure

Children Service

(Age 10 and under)
from $15
from $28
Manicure & Pedicure
from $40
Polish change only hand/ toe
$8/ $12

Nail Enhancements

full set | Fill in
$45+ | $35+
Gel powder
$50+ | $40+
Pink & white
$65+ | $55+
Pink fill only
N/A | $40+
Genovi pink & white
$72+ | $60+

Additional Nail Services

Gel Manicure With Paraffin
from $42
Add the lasts in gel polish technology to any manicure or pedicure. For up two weeks of perfect polish; chip-free, mirror finish, and no drying time needed.
For optimal result, a maintenance visit every two weeks is recommenced
Natural Dipping Powder With Paraffin
from $56/ with tip $66
Try the latest technology in nail polish with technique of dipping in power gel.
This new gel polish is proven to improve nail growth and having both beautiful and healthy nails. SNS are strong like acrylics and flexible like gel. The is zero drying, no damage to nail bed, look and feel natural as well it will last up to 2 weeks.
(Ombre $10 extra) - (shape $5 extra)
Nail removal
from $10
Nail repair
from $3
Nail design
from $3
Polish change only
Hands $10 – Feet $15
Add gel polish
Hands $15 – Feet $20
Gel polish change w/o service
Hands $30 – Feet $35

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set
Refill (2 weeks)

Waxing & Tinting

WAXING SERVICES please be advised that we cannot perform any wax clients who are using acutance. Retin A or antibiotics. Please consult with your esthetician removal or Alpha Hydroxyls, undergoing chemical peels or receiving acne treatments.
from $14
from $10
from $12
Full face
from $42+
Side burns
from $15
Half arms
from $26+
Full arms
from $42+
Under arm
from $21+
Half leg
from $37+
Full leg
from $63+
from $52+
from $52+
from $32+
from $63+
Eyebrow tinting
from $17+

Group Party

(Ask front desk for more details and discounts)
Kick back, relax, and celebrate any special occasion with your friends and families with us.
We host Spa Party, Bridal Party, Group Party, Birthday Party, Special Event Party and much more.
- Minimal 6+ Total Guests
- Party of 6 or more will receive a complimentary wine bottle, snacks, and desserts
- $100 deposit is required